Analysis Of The Poem ' Those Winter Sundays ' And ' The Short Story ' Mothers '

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If you had the opportunity of going back in time would you? Back to your childhood where life was so much easier? It helps you become the person you are today by learning on what those who loved you did. In the poem “Those Winter Sundays” and the short story “Mothers”, both narrators show that reminiscing about their loved ones can be emotional. People should hold on to memories, it can be the only thing they truly have from the past. On one hand, the poem and short story show reminiscing to impact the lives of the narrators as they grow up in a negative way. The narrator of “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden show how he goes back in time reminding himself that his father would usually get irritated. “Fearing the chronic angers of that house” (Hayden 13), because he would often feel afraid of him. A child should never feel fear of their father. I mean NEVER! If a kid that young feels like that it is because they were getting disciplined by screams, spanks, and or punishment. His dad wasn’t the father to be played as a fool. As a father, he should’ve spoken to him saying not to be afraid that if he did all this was to correct him to become a better person. Getting a child to be afraid is a good thing because you know that they will obey their parents. They would always follow your set of rules so you won’t have to worry of them heading the wrong path. As for “Mothers” by Anna Quindlen, everywhere she looked she was reminded of her late mom. “When I see a mother and a

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