Analysis Of The Poem ' Why Leaves Turn Color On The Fall ' By Diane Ackerman

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Snow Storms Diane Ackerman wrote an essay called “Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall”, in which in great detail she explains why leaves change color in the fall. She uses subjective description with science terms to provide the reader with the feeling that science, or nature is amazing as it does all of this wonderful things to leaves. “Early frost sits heavily on the grass, and turns barbed wire into a string of stars” (86) Ackerman combines two ordinary things like frost and barbed wire, and uses an analogy to compare them to something as beautiful as a string of stars. “Water-loving maples put on a symphonic display of scarlets” (87) Diane is using personification, by giving the maples human like abilities such as putting up a display, or loving water. In this sentence she also uses subjective description when she uses the word symphonic to refer to the way the maples show their colors, there is nothing musical, but it is calming. In her essay Diane Ackerman successfully combined science explanations with subjective descriptions to allow the reader to understand why and how the leaves change colors during the fall. All the processes that they have to go through in order to achieve their colors. Something just as amazing takes place during the winter. When everything turns white. The first snowfall always happens around Christmas. When almost everything turns white and looks pure. Christmas lights reflect on the perfect snow, almost as beautiful as stars look. Snow can

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