Analysis Of The Primary Reason Of China 's Urban Overpopulation

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Qianer Wu
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Hukou System, the Primary Reason of China’s Urban Overpopulation
Poverty, a state in which income is insufficient to provide basic necessities, is a worldwide problem that relates to the living conditions of people and the economic growth of a country. Despite the remarkable increase in per capital income and decline in poverty, China still faces many challenges to reduce urban overpopulation and wealth gap caused by state policies such as Hukou System, a household registration system which requires every Chinese citizen to be officially and constantly registered with the Hukou police from birth and reduces the possibility of geographic and social mobility.
In 1958, Chinese special household registration system was designed for maintaining the economic development between the rural areas and the urban areas and also for the particular national population situation, 60% of population from the rural area and 40% from urban cities. By separating citizens into urban citizens and rural citizens in the system, Hukou records information including the birthplace, permanent living address, marriage condition, and education level. During the first thirty years of the Hukou system, the government implemented many beneficial policies specifically for the urban citizens to enhance their living qualities and education level. However, beneficial policies aiming at urban cities also exacerbate the poverty in the rural area and the wealth gap in the…

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