Analysis Of ' The Princess And The Frog '

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Disney films over their course of existence have hidden double meanings in many of the films they produce. Rather if you are a child or a full pledged adult, people from all different ages can receive a bit of advice when it comes to what Disney films try to convey in their motion pictures. Disney is also to be known for some of their unforgettable whimsical characters and memorable songs in every film. The film released in 2009 “The Princess and The Frog” is no different. Especially when it comes to Mama’s Odie’s musical number half way through the film. Mama’s Odie’s song, “Dig a Little Deeper” is full of metaphors, themes and imagery one can deeply analyze.
At the same time we can apply the song, “Dig a Little Deeper,” to various characters we have come to learn and explore through the several novels we have covered over the course of the semester. We can also apply it to the distinct issues pertaining to women in the South.
The title of the song itself gives the viewer the overall significant and direct theme of the piece right away. It urges a person to go beyond the surface of a circumstance almost saying as if to go into the root or origin of the matter. To find who a person really is at the core of their being. At the start of the song Mama Odie comes off as a non-judgmental person. “Don 't matter what you look like. Don 't matter what you wear. How many rings you got on your finger. We don 't care.” Being in front of her and don referring to her lack of sight,
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