Analysis Of `` The Rainy Days ' And ' The Hound '

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Life Struggles: The Determination to Build Oneself Back Up Both Henry Longfellow and Robert Francis poems of “The Rainy Days” and “The Hound” describes that as long as one is live on this earth, there will be challenges he or she will face each and every day. However, there is hope in every situation that occurs. These poems describes the importance of living. If one encounter a situation, they shouldn’t give up in life but to strive forward to achieve the goals he or she has always dreamed of. The usage of metaphor and the rhyming of the poems played a huge impact in idealism in the community. It teaches us that hardship is part of living within a community no matter what so one shouldn’t be hard on themselves when these events happen in the course life. Building on this foundation make us strong and understand why we shouldn’t give up in life but continue pushing forward. The figurative language in both poems “The Rainy Day” and “The Hound” express that the American Dream is challenging for an individual to achieve and it takes determination for that impression in life to be executed. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem the “Rainy Day” expressed the themes of lost and renewal of hope in a person. Also, it elaborate on grief to show how much a person’s life from the past to the future experiences affect the lives and how to overcome to overcome many challenges we face in live. Longfellow’s poem “The Rainy Day” shows a huge deal of emotional fluidity; throughout the whole

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