Analysis Of The Real Housewife In Popular Culture

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The reappropriation of the housewife in popular culture is not only prevalent through fictional media but has also become popular in reality television. Over the last ten years Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of franchise has grown into somewhat of a phenomenon. This began in 2006 with the release of The Real Housewives of Orange County which followed the lives of a group of affluent women living in Southern California as they went about their daily life. Following the world wide success of the original show six follow up series have since been created, all following the same premise but set in different cities across America. These series follow the lives of women who live in gated communities and creates drama in discovering what is hidden behind said gates. The very title of the show itself is interesting as taking into consideration the women in which the series revolve around, The Real Housewives appears to be a somewhat paradoxical name. Although some of the women in the show are married and live within the domestic sphere, the majority of women have successful careers out with the home and a significant number of them are no longer married or have never been so. This raises the question, why are women who are not housewives represented as being so? What does this say about the portrayal of married and indeed of single women within popular culture? The Real Housewives franchise positions women as being independent, powerful and successful regardless of being either with
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