Analysis Of ' The Real Voyage Of Discovery ' By Jane Harrison And Beneath Clouds

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Marcel Proust wrote that the “real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Proust emphasises the point that to experience a greater understanding of the world one must experience it through the eyes of others. Authors often use this notion to challenge an audience’s beliefs system, making their texts tools for acquiring new knowledge. This concept is explored and portrayed as a common theme throughout the Indigenous Australian texts, Rainbow’s End, by Jane Harrison and Beneath Clouds, a film written and directed by Ivan Sen. Both authors demonstrate the concepts of discovery in their texts, by focusing on historical and contemporary aspects of Aboriginal cultural discovery, re -discovery and…show more content…
“This is my place I’m staying right here with my mum and my nan, “she says. This longing for family is a major theme of the film Beneath Clouds. Both Lena and Vaughn are searching for the rediscovery of love from absent family members. Vaughn who has been incarcerated longs to reconcile with his dying mother while Lena who is determined not to fall victim to the same fate as her gaoled brother, leaves home in order to search for her Irish father and find a better life. Lena longs for a life that is not characterised by contemporary Indigenous issues of crime, teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse and disadvantage. It is on this journey that she meets Vaughn, this meeting begins the process of discovery, in which the two Indigenous protagonists and the audience learn about themselves and others as they negotiate prejudice, stereotypes, and violence. Throughout the journey both Lena and Vaugh reflect on their broken family units. Vaughn reflects on his mother, ‘No wonder she left me, eh? Musta knew how I was gonna turn out. F…g criminal for a son.’ Lena also admits ‘My dad left me, you know…Mum blames me. Reckoned he wanted his own life and that.’ These reflections do not change their focus as they continue towards their goals. Throughout both texts, Harrison and Sen explore the concept of cultural discovery.

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