Analysis Of The Recording Industry For Apple

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Music industry professionals and Record Artists are creating opportunities for Apple that will accelerate sales and revenue for the iTunes platform. Recording artists are releasing exclusive albums on a single platform, as a method to increase album sales and sales for the platform. In 2013, U.S. recording artist Beyonce released her fifth studio album on the iTunes platform. The album was offered as a cohesive body of work with every song and video was made available with one single purchase of $15.99 (Byford, 2013). The album sold 829 thousand copies in the first three days of releasing the digital album on iTunes (Baroni, 2013). Other recording artists are exclusively selling albums on iTunes and other apple platforms to increase sales…show more content…
The model will increase the volume of music download sales, encouraging music industry professionals and record labels to release bundle songs, videos, and other exclusive content on the iTunes platform (ABC News, 2014). The opportunities presented to Apple to enhance the services and consumer behavior with the iTunes platform will be very successful with increasing digital music revenue. The opportunities mentioned above were methods used by Apple to combat the decline of revenue for the iTunes platform. Consumers are attracted to the variable pricing model, the integration of the radio style streaming service, and the release of exclusive albums. Apple will be able to combat selective threats and weaknesses by adapting to strategic methods that will increase productivity and revenue with the iTunes platform. Apple will be very successful with the changes and will dominate the digital music market and sales of the music industry for almost two decades. Apple is now experiencing threats that will thwart the success of digital music downloads. Threats The primary threat that is affecting the financial health and performance of iTunes is the consumer use of subscription streaming services. The launch of iTunes helped the music industry combat digital piracy and declining sales of physical album sales, however, sales of digital downloads of singles and albums are declining as

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