Analysis Of ' The Red Balloon '

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Esperanza matures significantly after she moves with her family to Mango Street, which is an improvement from the previous houses she has lived in. However, it is not the home, she dreamed of. When Esperanza first moves to Mango Street she has child like thoughts. She is insecure and ignorant to the life and people around her. In the beginning she makes the comparison of a “red balloon tied to an anchor.” Due to her not having friends with whom she can share her secrets with and understand her jokes. Although she has Nenny, her little sister, is considered more of a responsibility. The bold color of the red balloon suggests that she sticks out from the rest of the people, floating there alone, she feels as if she does not belong. The anchor suggesting she is weighed down, unable to float away from Mango Street. Esperanza is not very fond of her name, due to people saying it oddly, as well as having her own feelings about her name. She states “In English my name means hope. In Spanish it means too many letters. It means sadness, it means waiting.” Although what she says about her name in Spanish, is taken from the word Esperar which is Spanish for “to wait or expect.” When in English there is no word, nor a dictionary definition to her name. All things considered, she may not like her name, and want to baptize herself under a new name. She has already given meaning to her name, which to her is hope to all the sadness. Even though Esperanza does not fancy her name, she had
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