Analysis Of The Rivers West By Louis L ' Amour

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Louis L’Amour, author of “Rivers West” and many other famous books and short stories, was born in Jamestown North Dakota March 22, 1908. L’Amour was an indifferent student and dropped out of school at the age of 15. The next two decades L’Amour traveled the world and held many different jobs, he was a lumberjack, an elephant trainer, a miner, and during World War 2 he served as an officer in the tanks corps in Europe. It was not till he came back from World War 2 that he decided to be a writer and he wrote books as wells short stories, but finally after years his big break came at the age of 46 with the western book “Hondo” which later was adapted into a movie done by John Wayne. L’Amour married Katherine Elizabeth Adams in 1956, and they had two children. Over the next thirty years L’Amour wrote many more books and short stories, some were eventually adapted into movies, and on June 10,1988 Louis L’Amour died of lung cancer though he was not a smoker. This book is a western novel set in the early 1800s about Jean Daniel Talon and his journey to Pittsburgh. On his way through a swamp one night he found a man named Captain Robert Foulsham. Foulsham had been stabbed in the back and was dying; He told Talon he had been stabbed by Baron Richard Torville, a deserter from the British army. Shortly after Captain Foulsham died, a mysterious man came along and asked if Talon had killed Captain Foulsham, the mysterious man later introduced himself to be Jambe-de-Bois. The two walked

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