Analysis Of The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost had difficult time periods in his life. Frost lost his first born to suicide, his second born later developed a mental illness, his third born died in her late 20’s, and his last born, Elinor, died a few weeks after being born. A high school sweet heart refused to marry Frost until she finished school and many business opportunities failed for Robert Frost. The poet, Robert Frost, expressed these hard times in his poetry. Many decisions were made by Frost for him to experience these hard times. In “The Road Not Taken,” written by Robert Frost, the speaker comes to two roads and must make a decision that could change his life forever. In the first stanza of “The Road Not Taken,” the speaker approaches two roads and must choose which road to go down. The speaker wishes they could go down both, but must choose just one road. After careful consideration by looking at both roads and seeing what they both have to offer, the speaker notices that one road is used more. The roads are symbolism for a decision one must make in a lifetime. Each decision made in a lifetime needs thought and the decision made should not depend on other’s choices. The second stanza the speaker decides to take the road less traveled. The road is just as nice as the other and the speaker notices that the road may be better because not as many others have taken this road. The speaker also realizes before he takes the road that this decision has been made by many others because where the paths
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