Analysis Of The Road Not Taken

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The Road Not Taken
‘The road not taken’ written by Robert Frost in 1916 is a life attracting poem that shows the unique roads that we take in life. It displays that at some point in life, you must choose choices wisely in order to gain happiness. The poem itself shows two meanings, literal and extended metaphor. The literal meaning is about a traveller who chooses between two paths in the woods. This illustrates that wherever the destination he leads to, there will be endless choices coming his way. The quote, ‘yet knowing how way leads on to way’ (3rd stanza, line 4) indicates the tough choices people make, when travelling the road of life. Hence, people must select their decisions wisely and the one that suits them the most.
The two essential elements are tone and mood. In the poem, ‘The road not taken’, Frost expresses a reflective tone about how he chose the path that was ‘less travelled by’ which led him to thinking about the possibility he left behind. The quote, ‘… and that has made all the difference’ demonstrates this. It also signifies how he regret taking the path that wasn’t right for him and having to show his braveness throughout the journey of his life. The mood as a reader is empowered because Frost chose a different path from others which inspires us to take risks and step out of our comfort zone. Not only that, but it also teaches us a lesson to take control of our own decisions and desires when making a choice in life. The poem itself expresses the different possibilities that we can achieve in our life throughout the journey. Therefore, different roads can lead to different results and how people accomplish it in life.
Frost uses a rhyming scheme in his poem, ‘The road not taken’ consists of four stanzas of five lines each with a rhyming scheme of ABAAB. The quote, ‘…equally lay…trodden black…another day…on to way…come back’ (stanza 3) demonstrates this in the poem. This clearly demonstrates the rhythm of the poem in each stanza and how it lets the ideas and imagery flow nicely together. The rhyming scheme is essential because the pattern brings the poem to life as well as helping the readers to feel connected. Moreover, it helps the readers to rememorise the poem effortlessly and not

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