Analysis Of The Road Not Taken

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“The Road Not Taken” is one of the simplest poems written by Robert Frost. It has 4 stanzas, with 5 lines each. The poem presents a crossroads at which the author finds himself. He concludes that both roads are the same, with the same amount of fallen and untouched leaves. He, however, chooses one because it seems better to him. He then proceeds on this path, telling himself he might one day come back to the other. The reality is the opposite, unfortunately. He never does. The most attractive feature of this poem is the fact that it is relatable to everyone. It represents a conundrum of choice that is present in every stage of an individual’s life. The poem is filled with a lot of depth and underlying meaning while at the same time having the right form and composition. “The Road Not Taken” is constantly misconstrued. Many read it and misinterpret the words and general meaning of the poem. This literary work is about what one does with their life, how hard a decision is, and how important it is in determining success and happiness. The poet acknowledges that the different paths are actually similar, as described in the first line of the second stanza where the author states that they are “just as fair” (Frost 6), which mirrors real life where people assume the grass is always greener. Frost further alludes to this idea by stating in the first line of the third stanza, “both that morning equally lay” (Frost 11). He acknowledges that he might never come back again to the first path even though he hopes to. In the fifth line of the fourth stanza, Frost admits that though he might want to come back to the path one day, he knows he never will. He goes on to declare that he shall be saying it “with a sigh” (Frost 16). Interestingly, he ends the short poem by stating that he “took the road less traveled by and it made all the difference” (Frost 19-20). Consequently, this conclusion creates confusion in the mind of the reader. Was the road less traveled, or were the two roads the same? It seems that at different points of his life, the author realizes different aspects of the two roads. “The Road Not Taken” is the title of the poem. The subject gives the road used significance as opposed to the one Frost did not

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