Analysis Of ' The Roaring Twenties '

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Jesus Gonzalez Kelly McMichael AMH2020 24 July 2015 Ricardo Chapman – The Roaring 20s The 1920s I known as the roaring twenties. A time in the United States that roared with prohibition, jazz, and tub made gin. The 20s were not only about the fun but also some of the greatest inventions that have made our lives better were created. Radio broadcasting began in 1920 with the first broadcast done from Pittsburg. The three positioned traffic light, which I believe to be one of the most interesting inventions, was patented by Garret Morgan in 1923. Not only did we make new ways for our life styles but also in the world of medicine as well. We made our everyday lives easier with the invention of the refrigerator and the dishwasher which are now two things that are almost needed in every single household. Medications that are extremely important in the world of medicine today were created as well. The Band-Aid was patented by Earl Dickson in 1921. Medications such as Penicillin and insulin were also made during the 1920s. Although up north it was all fun and games, the south was suffering. Ricardo was a farmer during roaring 20s. For him and many other farmers the roaring twenties brought some of the hardest times that they would ever experience. World War I brought a lot of money to the states, but at the closing of the war things changed. During the war Europeans were desperate to buy goods from the United States which made many farmers overproduce. By the closing of the war

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