Analysis Of ' The Rocking Horse Winner '

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In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” the author, D.H. Lawrence, reveals the character of Paul through a series of events which result in his death. Upon first glance, Paul is presented as a young boy, unloved by his mother, who tragically dies trying to prove himself lucky to her. However, upon further inspection, Paul is actually a rather complex character. In order to understand why he dies and for what he dies, readers must examine how the narrator depicts Paul’s behavior and demeanor, particularly as seen in his obsession with gambling (in the form of horse races), his interactions with his mother, and his physical descriptions.
Throughout the story, there is a main goal that Paul seems to be striving towards: to quiet the whisperings of the house. It is a continuous and unconscious whisper, “There must be more money” (101). The words seem to haunt not only the house, but also Paul as the story unravels. It becomes so intense that Paul, terrified, throws himself into horse racing and gambling. The horse races begin as a way for Paul to become “lucky,” but inevitably become a coping mechanism for the voices in his head, constantly whispering. He believes that if only he can win enough money, he will make them stop. However, this backfires as the more money Paul makes off of races, the worse the voices get. This creates a vicious cycle that Paul only escapes in death.
The rocking-horse that he uses to meet these ends is particularly important to understanding the character of…
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