Analysis Of The Royal Australian Air Force Incident, Swiss Cheese Model, System Theoretic Accident Model And Processes

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Introduction This essay tries to describe three accident prevention models (Domino Model, Swiss Cheese Model, System Theoretic Accident Model and Processes (STAMP)) and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each model in effective accident prevention at work place. The essay will also review Hopkins? analysis of the Royal Australian Air force incident and use the Swiss Cheese Model to analyse the incident to identify if the Swiss Cheese Model provide different findings, or fail to identify findings, when compared to Hopkins? analysis. 1-Domino Model One of the earliest accident prevention models which was proposed by Heinrich in 1950. This theory illustrates five chronological accident factors, likened to a series of dominoes. It is…show more content…
Thus, Domino model is suitable for relatively simple system where unsafe work behaviours and hazards are the main focus. This model was also successful in limiting relatively simple type of incidents. The result of the research around human behaviour in an organisational context reveals that 88% of accidents are due to unsafe work behaviours. However, this result emphasise that strategic program should include data gathered from other field, such as industrial and organisational behaviour for promoting safety culture within the system. In addition, as there is only a single triggering factor that leads to an accident, it is rather more straightforward to control and prevent the cause or impose recommendation (Health and Safety Professional Alliance,2012). Disadvantages The major downside with Domino model is falling into two main groups 1- there is a single cause that trigger the incident and 2- there is always sequence in subsequent events that lead to an accident. In real fact, majority of complex accidents always have multiple contributing factors. The accident is more complex than single, individual error and we need to consider accident in relation to management and organisation entirely. Montara Commission of inquiry is an example of such complex accident. Montara oil spill disaster has happened as a result of poor control management, lack of competency among personnel and system failures as well. These multiple casual
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