Analysis Of The SGA Representation Campaign

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The fact that the union experienced earlier defeat in the representation campaign has become the impetus for launching the organizing effort at SGA. Organizing effort stands for the intention to organize non-unionized workers with the aim of fighting for organizing success, i.e. winning representation elections (Wallace, Fullertone, & Gurbuz, 2009). The union’s strategy was, for the most part, predictable, as the emphasis was made on job securities, computerizing communication with employees, and focusing on the excessive use of television and radio adverts in order to stimulate interest in the organizing effort (Nkomo, Fottler, & McAfee, 2010). The primary idea behind the effort was to draw attention from the activities of SGA and accuse the…show more content…
Discuss any potential unfair labor practice charges SGA management might face as a result of its campaign strategy.
When speaking of unfair labor practices, it is imperative to note that, according to the provisions of the National Labor Relations Act, they include any attempts of an employer to prevent employees from organizing or creating their unions, restrain or interfere with their rights to support the existing union, affect their intentions and perceptions of union activities, threatening an employee with firing them or taking away their benefits predetermined by their competence if they choose to support the union (Legal Information Institute, n.d.; Noe et al.,
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Furthermore, one of the most efficient recommendations is to improve human resource management strategies and management styles. The idea is to create a comfortable atmosphere in the working place fostering the desire to communicate openly and protecting the right to voice as one of the primary needs mentioned by the employees (Mayhew, n.d.). In addition, it is supposed that changing the format of the representative campaign to purely informative instead of the forced imposing of anti-union moods might have been a productive step because it might have enhanced trust to senior management due to providing relevant and accurate facts instead of trying to manipulate employees and create the environment and moods beneficial for the leaders of SGA Industries. All in all, the company might have found interest in studying the strategy deployed by the union because it has caught attention and gained support among employees. For example, switching to television and computerizing instead of distributing newsletters might hint at the modernization of the working environment in the future helping win
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