Analysis Of The San Diego Police Department Data

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from October 2013- May 2014 shows that Connecticut police made about 370.000 traffic stops during this time period. Black make only 7.9 percent of the state population, however, they accounted more than 14 percent of traffic stops. Latinos, on the other hand, account for 9.7 of the state population, however, represented 11.8 percent of traffic stops in comparison to whites that accounted for 2.65 percent of all traffic stops. This gruesome data shows that there is a disproportionate rate of who’s being stopped. Further, in an analysis of the San Diego Police Department data, found that African Americans in that particular city are 50 percent more likely to be stopped than any other driver. Consequently, Smith et al. (2003) report that African American drivers were 17 percent more likely than their white counterparts to be ticketed by the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Data compiled by the Bureau of Justice Statistic reported that, as of October 2004, the most recent study available showed that 29 of the nations 49 state law enforcement agencies required their officers to record the race or ethnicity of motorist stopped for traffic violations and 22 state police agencies collecting data on race, ethnicity data for all traffic stops represented and increase of 6 states since 2001 and 13 states since 1999. The report shows that most agencies relied on their officer’s observations of the driver’s race or ethnicity as a method of determining the race or ethnicity of the driver
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