Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter ' By Hester Prynne

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Chapter 13

“Here was the iron link of mutual crime, which neither he nor she could break.”
Here it is acknowledged that Hester and Dimmesdale have committed a crime together. It also shows us that after her encounter with Dimmesdale on the scaffold, Hester sees that she must help him. She is acknowledging that he can not live with the crime in the same way that she can.
“They said that it meant Able; so strong was Hester Prynne, with a woman 's strength.”
This quote is very important to the book as it explains that the town’s perception of Hester is changing. It displays to us that the letter rather than showing sin is becoming a symbol of how mentally strong Hester is and able to overcome any difficulty. Lastly this quote explains to us that the town no longer hates Hester and that the letter really didn 't have it 's intended effect on her.

Chapter 14

“ Since that day, no man is so near to him as you. You tread behind his every footstep. You are beside him, sleeping and waking. You search his thoughts. You burrow and rankle in his heart!”.
Hester addresses this quote to Roger Chillingworth and is talking about his examination of Mr. Dimmesdale and the way he is inside his head and his heart. Shadowing him throughout everything he does and tormenting his heart and soul, sucking the life out of Mr.Dimmesdale through his constant following of him and driving him to feel even more guilt about his sins. This quote shows us that Hester realizes Roger is pushing…
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