Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter '

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Insight into Life: Deceit and Disguise in Secrets Jean Racine, a French writer and philosopher, has said “There are no secrets that time does not reveal,” and we see this quote play out in many events in history as well as the Scarlet Letter. Racine displays that secrets in time will alter the future of lives. By gaining an insight into how these secrets are resolved, how they affect daily lives, who they affect, and why, we will be able to understand how devastating secrets can be.
Secrets can deceive even the smartest and strongest of people. To illustrate the people that create these secrets can give us a better judgement about the transformation they can have on their victim’s lives. Hester Prynne kept a very dark secret containing the life of a once strong man that influenced the rest of his life. Hester Prynne deceived not only the Puritan townspeople, but also the brightest of men in the church. The biggest conspiracy held today by many people is known by one question--Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? The CIA is believed to have information on the details of President Kennedy’s assassination but refuse to release it to the public, which only incites more hysteria as to what could have happened. Plenty are under the influence that the only reason that the government will not release this information and keep it a secret is because they had something to do with it and people will lose their trust in the government (Patterson 1). Richard Nixon, one of the most…
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