Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter '

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Insight into Life: Deceit and Disguise in Secrets Jean Racine, a French writer and philosopher, has said “There are no secrets that time does not reveal,” and we see this quote play out in many events in history as well as the Scarlet Letter. Racine displays that secrets in time will alter the future of lives. By gaining an insight into how these secrets are resolved, how they affect daily lives, who they affect, and why, we will be able to understand how devastating secrets can be.
Secrets can deceive even the smartest and strongest of people. To illustrate the people that create these secrets can give us a better judgement about the transformation they can have on their victim’s lives. Hester Prynne kept a very dark secret containing
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He felt it was necessary to install a taping system into the White House as well as the Democrat National Headquarters Headquarters. All of this was done secretly to create an advantage over his political rivals as well as to create himself a podium where he was above all law and order (Watergate 1). Many people tend to think that slavery is not a problem anymore, but they are completely wrong. Child slavery has become a very important issue throughout the globe, especially in developing nations. Many of these children are taken from their families and sold to traffickers in Asia and Africa (Van de Glind, Hans, and Joost Kooijmans). Comparatively, one of the most infamous unethical crimes during the twenty-first century only happened a mere three years ago. Jerry Sandusky was put on trial for charges of sexual assault, rape, and twelve counts of minor corruption. This man kept his secret however for longer than thirteen years where the first incident occurred and he decided it would be alright for no one to know (“Penn State Scandal Fast Facts”). These people are that have kept these secrets have affected thousands of people and only kept them for personal gain. It disgusts me how these people keep these secrets, many times knowing the consequences, and continue to carry out whatever they do secretly. Now that it is clear who
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