Analysis Of The School For Good And Evil

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School for Good and Evil Essay The School for Good and Evil was written by Soman Chainani and is a fantasy, this story takes place mostly at the School for Good and Evil but it also takes place in Gavaldon. The two major characters are Sophie and Agatha, Sophie and Agatha are both best friends and are both 12. Sophie loves princes and dresses however; Agatha liked the color black, her cat, and graveyards. Agatha was pale and had jutting bones, while Sophie had waist long hair color spun of gold, her green faded eyes, and her luscious red lips. Some of the other characters are the School Master, Beatrix, and Tedros. The schoolmaster is the person who runs both of the schools. Tedros is the one who Sophie has a crush on and thinks is her prince, Beatrix also has a crush on Tedros, however unlike everyone else Tedros doesn’t like Beatrix because of her looks, in fact he doesn’t like her at all because she is spoiled and usually gets what she wants. Sophie always wanted to be kidnapped by the schoolmaster so that he would bring her to the school for good. She would always read about him in fairytales and she wanted to be a princess there. However, Agatha did not believe in fairy tales, she would always tell her that there fake. That night Sophie was putting cookies in her window for the schoolmaster, she tried to fall asleep but could not. Suddenly she heard someone eating her cookies she was full of joy. When she tried to glance at the schoolmaster, she saw Agatha eating her
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