Analysis Of The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir

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Simone de Beauvoir writes about the views of the world towards women versus her views towards women and how the world should view women. Michèle le Doeuff and Christine Delphy were both previous students of Simone de Beauvoir. le Doeuff and Delphy both have read and are critiquing de Beauvoir’s writing, however, de Beauvoir never read le Doeuff and Delphy’s critiques of her work. Simone de Beauvoir believed in existentialist feminism, while Michèle le Doeuff believed in anti-foundationalism, followed by Christine Delphy believing in material feminism.
The Second Sex written by Simone de Beauvoir is started out with the question “do women exist”? Beauvoir professes this question to frame what a woman is and to show that there is such a thing as a woman but one is not born a woman. Simone de Beauvoir also professes the difference between “Self” and “Other”. She stresses that the “Self” is the absolute, which she references in culture as the man. Other almost always has a negative connotation to it, and is what the self is not, or what the self lacks which she references as the woman. This creates a hierarchy, not allowing people to live to their full potential because believe they are stuck in their group. Discrimination also occurs as you have one group against another, such as men vs. women, race vs. race, or even discrimination against different financial groups. This discrimination creates beliefs that are hard to change once they have begun. On page 15 Simone de Beauvoir
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