Analysis Of The Secret Life Of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd

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The Secret Life Of Bees, written by Sue Monk Kidd, should be considered a classic because of its unique way of relating the characters and the story line to the reader's emotions and to history. In The Secret Life Of Bees- and all books- descriptive detail and skillful writing is crucial. The principle reason this story is a classic is because of how Sue Monk Kidd was able to use a metaphor throughout the entire story. Bees represent society and life and without help from other bees and the queen bee, the hive dies- an incredible and unique way to show the readers the importance of appreciating life. Classics need numerous features to be considered one of the highest quality, and The Secret Life Of Bees has very many. Italo Calvino, Nelson…show more content…
A quote from The Secret Life Of Bees that I feel explains what makes a classic is, ¨ That was when the dealer lifted the flashlight over his head, then down, smashing it into Rosaleen´s forehead. She dropped to her knees. I don't remember screaming, but the next thing I knew, Mr. Gaston had his hand clamped over my mouth...¨ (page 35) This quote from The Secret Life Of Bees helps readers connect to the book. Rosaleen is a free african american woman. She was arrested for standing up to those who were being rude to her. This passage connects readers to the society and history of the 1960´s and to the emotions of Lily, who is the main character. The Secret Life Of Bees has many writings that others can connect to. For example, ¨Every person on the face of the earth makes mistakes, Lily. Every last one. We're all so human. Your mother made a terrible mistake, but she tried to fix it.¨ Most individuals- including myself- probably felt emotion while reading this. In classics, being able to connect to the book in necessary- the passage above helps people connect to the novel. Italo Calvino says, ¨ The classics are books which exercise a…show more content…
¨ Books are uniquely suited to helping us change our relationship to the rhythms and habits of daily life in this world of endless connectivity.¨ This passage helps us understand yet another reason why The Secret Life Of Bees should be considered a classic. It says ¨… uniquely suited to helping us to the rhythms and habits of daily life...¨ , just like Italo Calvino said classics need to have a way of influencing and relating to readers, this article says it is necessary for classics to be able to teach readers something by bringing them into the story. The passage I recognized those ideas in the novel of The Secret Life Of Bees was when August and Lily were taking care of the bees. That section of the book intrigued me and added to my life because of the dialogue, setting, and mood. Along with the first article citation from the Wall Street Journal, a second fragment of the article goes along with my point . ¨ People have always received life-guiding wisdom from certain types…(of books)¨ Italo Calvino and Nelson Lowhim both agree in saying classics have to teach the reader something and there has to be a moral to the story. In The Secret Life Of Bees , many bits of the book had the ability to teach readers important lessons. ´¨I remembered how I´d visited Our Lady in the middle of the night, how I'd placed my hand on

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