Analysis Of The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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Literacy Analysis of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” In the story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber takes place in Waterbury as a man named Walter Mitty who goes through life daydreaming a lot as he goes through town to do errands, while his wife gets her hair done. Throughout Mitty’s little trip in Waterbury, there is a theme of success and failure. Walter Mitty wounds up in five daydreams. The first dream he goes through is at the beginning of the story. He imagines himself flying a Navy plane in a huge storm, trying to land the plane safely. “The Commander stared at the ice forming on the pilot window. He walked over and twisted a row of complicated dials. ‘Switch on No. auxiliary!’ he shouted. ‘Switch on No.8 auxiliary!’ repeated Lieutenant Berg. ‘Full strength in No. 3 turret!’ shouted the Commander.” (1-2). The second daydream, he imagines that he is a well-known surgeon about to do an operation. “‘Give me a fountain pen!’ he snapped. Someone handed him a fountain pen. He pulled a faulty piston out of the machine and inserted the pen in its place. ‘That will hold for ten minutes,’ he said. ‘Get on with the operation.’” (3). The third daydream he imagines that he is in a courtroom on a trial of murder because he knew the gun that was used in the crime scene, “‘Have you ever seen this before?’ Walter Mitty took the gun and examined it expertly. ‘This is my Webley-Vickers 50.80,’ he said calmly.” (4). The fourth daydream goes into a battle as he is a
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