Analysis Of ' The Setting ' Montana '

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DESIGNING LIVES is a story driven by the themes of never giving up and learning to move on. The setting in Montana is very pleasing and it’s refreshing to see a story that features two leading female protagonists. Told against the backdrop of “designing” is appealing. The subtext of the story is about “designing” or redesigning one’s life.

While the themes are well appreciated, the script would benefit from more development.

One area of concern is the true identity of the leading protagonist. It could be either Zelda or Bree. Both want to save their designing company and both have losing the company at risk. However, in every story there’s normally one character that should take the lead and they should have something more at stake than the other leading character. It’s not clear in his presentation, whose story is really being told, Bree’s or Zelda’s. It’s not until the end that it appears to be more of Zelda’s story, as she has love also at risk.

This brings one to the next concern, which is identifying the true story type for this script. The story begins like a nice, light-hearted comedy about two best friends trying to save their company. One thinks it could be a comedy or a dramedy, but as the story progresses, the story type becomes ambiguous.
The scenes between Zelda and Trey, as well as the ending, imply that this is really a romance story. If so, and the true story type is supposed to be a love story, it would benefit the script to clarify the genre from
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