Analysis Of The Shadow Hill's Volleyball Team

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The brightly lit court contrasted with the darkness of the huge cavern with its freezer-like biting cold air which encompassed all areas of the Shadow Hill’s gym. Every one who was attending this event was swept up with anticipation waiting for this match to start. Lost in my thoughts, the shrill of a single whistle reminded me why I was there. This was one of the most important and competitive games in the low desert. Shadow Hills High School’s volleyball team was scheduled to play Xavier College Prep’s volleyball team tonight. The Shadow Hills team-I know most of the players-contains a lot of skilled players, as does the Xavier Prep team. Xavier Prep has more funding for sports programs, allowing them to spend more money on the…show more content…
A loss for Xavier would put them in jeopardy of losing their first place status in the league. At the first strike of the ball, Xavier Prep’s crowd of energetic students went wild, cheering every time the ball was successfully kept alive. In contrast, Shadow Hills student section was quiet hoping for their team to make a point thereby giving them an opportunity to roar in approval. Eventually Shadow Hills regained their composure and aggressively caught up to Xavier causing the crowds on both sides to go wild with excitement. The match was impressive with the resounding cheers from opposite sides of the gym. Both teams could not seem to create a gap in the scores, keeping them no more than one to two points apart. Xavier had a strong lead at the beginning of the set, Shadow Hills fought back to close the point gap, but in the end, Xavier overwhelmed Shadow Hill’s defense, and won the game.

From the beginning, I could tell that this second game was going to be completely different from the last one. The Shadow Hills players had defeat written all over them. The way they carried themselves, and the way they talked to each other was different. Most players who tried to encourage others with mini-speeches were saying hollow words, none of which positively affected the other player's mood. On the other hand, Xavier Prep wasn’t worrying about a thing. They were ready to go back onto the court and win another set. Even the crowd, who
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