Analysis Of The Shakespeare 's ' Taming Of The Shrew '

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The following paper is an analysis of Katherine and Bianca in Taming of the Shrew. The two sisters have different ideas about marriage and how women should act. Their roles within TS affect how a reader can perceive the book. Bianca is the obedient well-mannered sister, while Kate is the disobedient shrew. This is how the sisters are portrayed in the opening of the play, but in a turn of events their roles are reversed by the end. This analysis will show how each sister played their role, and how this reversal occurred. William Shakespeare creates true-to-life character depictions in his plays. Because of this the depiction of the sibling relationship between Katherine and Bianca is very relatable to an audience. Sibling rivalry is a very apparent circumstance that can happen to almost any pair of siblings. The sibling rivalry that occurs between Katherine and Bianca is very evident throughout TS. In this case of sibling rivalry, Bianca seems to be the apple of her father’s eye, while on the other hand Kate is not look upon at all. It can be argued because of this lack of attention Kate has developed her unattractive personality. The manifestation of sibling rivalry first begins in Act I Scene I. The major problem of TS is presented: Kate must be married before Bianca can be courted. This is a major problem because Kate has no suitors due to of her shrewish personality. Baptista, the father of Bianca and Kate, publically humiliates Katherine by discussing
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