Analysis Of The Shooting Of Michael Brown Essay

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Rodney King. Trayvon Martin. Looking at where we are today after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, it can feel like nothing has changed in the way we police the police.Many things haven’t. Juries acquitted police. Cops got their jobs back. And brutality happened again.Some things have gotten worse. Like police militarization.But some things have gotten better, or are still moving toward reform in the wake of a prominent brutality incident. A history of these incidents reveals that some major recent police reforms got their start after highly publicized episodes of police violence. But it was only after years or decades and dogged, persistent community-building that some progress started to manifest. (1) Rodney King, 1991, Los Angeles Born on April 2, 1965, in Sacramento, California, Rodney Glen King was an African American who became a symbol of racial tension in America, after his beating by Los Angeles police officers in 1991 was videotaped and broadcast to the nation.The officers Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno and Stacey Koon were charged with criminal offenses, including assault with a deadly weapon. Their trial was originally set to be held in Los Angeles, but defense attorneys successfully argued that a fair trial in Los Angeles would be impossible because of the publicity.The trial was moved to Simi Valley, a predominantly white suburb of L.A. The jury was comprised of ten white people, one Hispanic person and one Asian person,
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