Analysis Of The Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace Essay

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Robert Peace
Robert Peace with his brilliant mind, a strong family love, and University of Yale degree, he seemed destined to a life that is far and beyond the tough streets of Newark, New Jersey. According to the book, “The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace,” it argues that Peace did not fulfil that destiny. According to his roommate at Yale University, Jeff Hobbs, his death jolted him. He goes an extra mile by telling Peace’s life to understand what happened to his roommate.
Peace was of African descent and his father convicted of murder. He grew up in a tough neighborhood outside Newark with his mother. His mother worked in a cafeteria. While his parent adored him like any other child, Yale was a new world. Students like Peace might be academically prepared, but the social gap that separates them is overwhelming.
The nature of students in a college
For a new student in any university, they have first to explore their background which is different to understand them better in the first few days in the college. There are those who asks questions like “who is your dad?” Peace was not an exception. He would reply to that kind of question with pain in his voice and only say, “He is in jail.”
Roommates soon after some time, come to understand each other as friends. According to Hobbs, it would be simply to portray Peace as unable to do away with what some student would call a “poverty mindset.”
In creating Peace’s younger
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