Analysis Of The Short Article ' On Being An Atheist '

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James Shank
October 12, 2015
Phil 201- B06
The Problem of Evil H. J. McCloskey is the author of the short article “On Being an Atheist”. He has also written many more books on the support of atheism. For this essay we will be looking at his article “On Being an Atheist”. In his article, McCloskey examines many Christian arguments for the existence of God. McCloskey not only says that Christians are wrong in using these arguments but he critically analyzes them from the view point of a devout atheist. While H. J. McCloskey gives his strong beliefs on the existence of God and reason behind evil being in the world, a Christian can still stand firm in their beliefs because of supporting evidence. McCloskey often and strongly believes that there are “proofs” which exist in the world. These “proofs” provide “sound” reasoning for why the existence of God is impossible. From Foreman’s presentation we can learn that we cannot use “proofs” to best explain the existence of God. As we look in the world and universe around us we see that God is the best possible approach. Just like we use best possible approach in the sciences, we can use the best possible approach to support that God does indeed exist. In all reality when we are faced with an argument, we can always find a way to refute the opposing view point. Fortunately, on the topic of God exists one comes to the end of the road eventual. God cannot be explained in the minds of men for we cannot comprehend God, no one can. For we
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