Analysis Of The Short Story ' Saboteur ' By Ha Jin

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The short story “ Saboteur” by Ha Jin, is narrated in a limited third person point of view. The third person narration choice allows the reader to closely follow the character, Mr. Chiu who has been arrested for a crime he did not commit. As the short story goes on the narration allows the read to learn more of what Mr. Chiu is experiencing throughout his stay in jail and also important lessons he learns along the way. As the reader is first introduced to the main character Mr. Chiu he is quietly dining with his newlywed when suddenly a policeman throws a bowl of tea at their feet. The policeman denies that he has done anything wrong and the reader experiences Mr. Chiu’s first taste of being harassmed by the Government. The policemen call Mr. Chiu “…a saboteur, you know?” “You’re disrupting public order.”, although he has done nothing wrong. Here it is narrated just how wrongly the Government and police department are using their power, they are taking advantage of innocent people such as Mr. Chiu. The third person point of view allows the reader to see an outside perspective on how the Government is very powerful and how they are clearly taking advantage of Mr. Chiu. Once Mr. Chiu is taken to the jail he is taken to speak with the chief who does not believe him when Mr. Chiu tries to tell his side of the story “That statement is groundless.” “You have no witness. How could I believe you?”. The third person point of view shows that Mr. Chiu is getting
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