Analysis Of The Short Story ' Young Goodman Brown '

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Being a faithful person in today’s society can prove to be very difficult. There are a lot of temptations that can negatively impact your religious beliefs whether it be completely internal conflict or an external temptation. By internal conflict I mean just your own desires and inner demons trying to reveal themselves. External temptation comes from the people around you trying to convince you to do things that are not right by your beliefs. They can do this directly or indirectly but its up to you to combat these desires and refuse the temptations but that is far from easy. With the many different people that inhabit our world comes a lot of different religions and faiths. This can easily cause confusion and unintentional misdirection while coexisting with many different diversities. In the short story “Young Goodman Brown” Hawthorn uses symbolism to show the struggle of keeping faith in the face of sin with the character’s names, the path through the woods, and the final ritual. One of the biggest use of symbolism that Nathaniel Hawthorne uses in this story is the character’s names, the ones I am going to discuss are Faith and Goodman Brown. “But where is Faith?” Thought Goodman Brown; and, as hope came into his heart, he trembled” (Hawthorne 7). The way Hawthorne wrote that sentence has two meanings in my eyes. The first way you can take it is that Goodman Brown is looking for Faith his wife and becomes filled with hope that she isn’t there in that place. What I see…
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