Analysis Of ' The Show One Tree Hill '

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The definition of coming of age refers to the hardships and achievements in a young person’s life. It is the gradual development of a person and who they become. Sophia Bush plays the character, Brooke Davis, in the show One Tree Hill. Brooke Davis is the character most girls can easily relate to. Sophia Bush says her favorite part of the character she plays is her “evolution”. She starts off as a stereotypical teenage cheerleader who seeks to be the center of attention and her happiness revolves around money. Throughout the beginning of the series, Brooke is a young, carefree girl who is rambunctious. She constantly went to parties and had many sexual relations with numerous amounts of boys. Emily states, “I hated her in the beginning because she was always trying to stir the pot, always creating drama.” Even though it may have appeared her life was not complicated, the many obstacles she faced helped her transition from childhood to adulthood. She grows into a more sophisticated and grounded young woman. Brooke Davis is introduced as the captain of the cheerleading team. She has a strong friendship with Peyton Sawyer, who she calls her best friend. They have been best friends since childhood. After helping Peyton cope with the death of her mother, their relationship grew and it started to resemble more of a sister-like relationship. Their friendship “has always been very strong despite their problems with [Lucas Scott]” (Breyton). Brooke shows interest in Lucas,
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