Analysis Of ' The Sniper ' By Liam O ' Flaherty

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Throughout history, there have been countless intelligent and marvelous novelists. Shakespeare, Stephen King, and Mark Twain are all examples of these outstanding writers. One would be wise to include the Irish novelist Liam O’Flaherty in this list. Joseph Burger (1984) describes Liam O’Flaherty as a key figure in the Irish Renaissance. His stories, such as “Return of the Brute” and “The Informer,” generally include the theme of war. O’Flaherty has served in Ireland’s armed forces, which gives him experience on the topic of war. He typically relates his stories’ settings to Ireland and its people. This is reasonable, for he was born and raised in Ireland and served in Ireland’s military. One of his more renowned fables, which includes both the theme of war and the setting of Ireland, is the short story “The Sniper.” “The Sniper” takes place in Dublin, Ireland during the Irish Civil War. The protagonist of the story is a Republican sniper who has been engaged in warfare for an immense amount of time. The story begins with the protagonist recuperating from a long day of battle. In the midst of his recuperation, he is spotted by an enemy sniper. This leads to an intense firefight between the two. Finally, the Republican Sniper defeats his enemy. After his victory, the protagonist decides to identify the enemy sniper. Once the sniper has reached the corpse of his opponent, he discovers that the enemy was his own brother. Arguably the most…
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