Analysis Of The Social Relevance Of Crooked Smile

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Social Relevance of the song “Crooked Smile” by J. Cole Officer Joseph Weekly sat on the sidewalk and wept as first responders rushed 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. A lot had gone wrong as Weekly and his Detroit Special Response Team went to round up a murder suspect on Detroit’s East Side. With the camera for the true-crime program The First 48 rolling, this team was under pressure to impress. They threw a flash-bang grenade into Aiyana’s home, kicked open unlocked doors, and Weekly fired as he entered the living room (LeDuff, n.p). The bullet hit Aiyana’s head and came out through her neck. She died immediately. The bigger crisis was that the team raided the wrong house. The video for J Cole’s song “Crooked Smile” replays this event. Cole dedicated it to Aiyana’s memory and used it to ask the police to reconsider their war on drugs (Carter, n.p). In trying to meet viewer’s expectations, Weekly’s team went against procedure and used a grenade to make an arrest. This need to impress others is what Cole handles in his song, and he insists that people remain special whether they appeal to others or not. He shows how society’s demand for perfection has contributed to women’s insecurities, low self-esteem and emotional imbalance, especially for black girls who not only have to struggle to attain such standards, but must also face racial bias, discrimination, and stereotyping. Released in 2013, the audio for “Crooked Smile”

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