Analysis Of ' The Song Atlantis ' By Bridgit Mendler And Kaiydo Essay

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Deep in Atlantis
Poetry, to many, is too confusing to waste time on. Given how detailed and complex many pieces can be, it is understable as to why people think this way. Poetry requires thought and analysis, depth and rhythm, emotion and intrigue. In order to fully grasp a poem, one must analyze its meaning first. However, we live in a world surrounded by poetry, even in places we do not acknowledge. Books can be poetry. Advertisements can be poetry. Songs can be poetry. Poetry is all around if you choose to look hard enough. Then that poses the question, what exactly is poetry? How can something that isn’t seen as a poem be considered poetic? The song Atlantis, written and performed by Bridgit Mendler and Kaiydo, can be considered as such for a variety of reasons; including it’s ambiguous tone, rhythmic speech, and it’s desire to be interpreted.
In a sense, poetry is language condensed. Short sentences with great meaning that needs to be unpacked and unfolded in order to see what a phrase truly means. In music, both lyrically and cinematically, actions and words can have a deeper meaning than they initially carry and what can be assumed from a first glance over. Poetry makes people think. It isn’t as simple as its surface level may seem. In poetry everything has a meaning. The author placed a line there for a reason; it brings something to the story. Poetry, also, is not limited to just one interpretation. It can be interpreted and analyzed on a plethera of different

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