Analysis Of The Song Blacker The Berry By Kendrick Lamar

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When people see black they think of a goon
Roaming the streets under the black moon
White wants to purge the land of black soon
But black can't be captured or locked in a room
Black is Tyrone
Black is Darius
Neither started black but black now carries it
Black is the pit
Black is the throne
Black is this country, young but grown
Black is the nation, black is my home
Black is our hatred, hidden but still shown

The inspiration for this poem came from "Blacker the Berry" by Kendrick Lamar. The song speaks about the current state of the stereotypical black man or woman; the idea that they are repressed by institutionalized racism. The song also comments on the hypocrisy of this mindset. In the song Kendrick kills some one darker than him:
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