Analysis Of The Song ' If Today Was Your Last Day '

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Everyone has that one song we undoubtedly find so heart-rending or inspiring that it is tough not only to forget, but one we often find ourselves repetitively listening to. It might be a song that can bring shivers to our spines or speak directly someone on a personal level. Although, this song may not be a classical piece, the song ‘If today Was Your Last Day’, voices my soul in multiple ways, and it is a moving reminder about a memory of the past.
The song ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’, by Nickelback, emits an emotional rejoinder to innumerable listeners behind the radio or headphones. There is a personal affiliation to the song by captivating an imperative part of an individual’s life, that others can relate to in the real world. In
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I would not flourish to become a doctor that I aspire to be every day, and I probably could not live with knowing what could have been or the ifs of life. ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’, got me through a problematic part of my life. I would not have lived each moment of my life as if it was my last, because I would have been taking matters into my own hands and considering suicide as an effective means to deal with a personal problem. Nickelback has my considerable admiration for using this song in relation to people’s lives and struggles, when these individuals are at an all-time low. It assists in emphasizing and establishing the prerogative that, there is much more in life, and that no one should give up because life is too precious to take advantage of.
This song correspondingly has a tremendous volume of personal connotation to my family. The song depicts someone’s best friend giving them the best guidance to live each moment as if it were their last. I relate this example to the experience I had with my grandfather growing up. My grandfather believed that one should not take life for granted and to achieve all you require in life because life is too short and individuals must live each day equivalent to their last. He was my best friend growing up and his advice was how I lived my life for the most part. One year the family prearranged a trip to go across the country for two weeks, but before

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