Analysis Of The Song ' My Way '

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While researching an artist for this paper, my first thought was to write about Frank Sinatra. He is a well-known singer and actor that has entertained many generations. People still enjoy listening to his music. At times, we can hear his music playing at a restaurant or a pub. Hearing people talk about how his songs influenced their life decisions, gave me the motivation to learn more about him. This research paper will entail a small part of his life story. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS We may know some of his famous songs. We have seen him act in movies and shine in the spotlight. One song that I…show more content…
Everyone thought she had a beautiful face, so her nickname became Dolly. Frank almost died while being born. He weighed in at 13 ½ pounds and being that big, the doctor had a hard time delivering him. They had to use forceps, which punctured his eardrum and scarred his face. He grew up with the nickname scar face. Growing up, Frank was home alone or watched by his grandmother Rose. Frank was a quiet kid and would mind his own business. At times, he would get beat up due to being in the wrong neighborhood and kids would tease him because of his scar face. While in junior high school, Frank often drove his teachers nuts, by impersonating radio comics and movie stars. Frank later dropped out of school his senior year because he was bored. Consequently, his father told him that if he wants to drop out of school, than you better get a job. It was not until the late 1930s that Frank thought about singing. With the Great Depression, he did not want to do hard labor, so he met up with some bands and started performing. He did not make any money, but he loved the experience (Sinatra). In the summer of 1934, Frank met his first wife, Nancy. On a date with her, they went to see Bing Crosby perform. Bing Crosby was Franks idol since he was a kid. Frank knew after that concert, he wanted to be a singer. Frank and a local trio, who called themselves the Three Flashes, auditioned for a part on a radio show.

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