Analysis Of The Song Of The Tiger Mother By Amy Chua

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After reading the battle hymn of the Tiger mother by Amy Chua in which she explains the difference between traditional Chinese parenting and that of most Western parents. The could be said that Chinese parents raise their children to be math whizzes or musical prodigies and that Western parents raise their children with the kids feelings in mind, being less strict and wearing about the self-esteem and confidence of the child. In my opinion all parents have different opinions on how best to raise their children, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. My particular opinion goes against that of Amy Chua’s parenting style in her book she states the things her children were not allowed to do such as go to sleep over, play sports, watch TV or play computer games, according to Ms. Chua if her children were not two years ahead in math of everyone else in the class they were failing. I personally feel that even though children raised in a strict Tiger mom home do excel academically, but in so doing I feel that by not being allowed to participate in some extra curricular activities such as sports or drama or even to be able to go to a sleepover or have a play date with friends seriously hampers them on the social level. I have to grit the article and time that states that Tiger mothers do and still within their children a superior work ethic compared to those children raised by more Western standards where the self-esteem and social well-being of the child are taken into
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