Analysis Of The Sound Designer I Decided Upon

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Wylie Stateman, a leader in the sound design industry was cited stating “In cinema, the illusion is on the screen and the deeper it is into the screen the more satisfying and rich the experience. Cinema celebrates the visual, the audio is there to provide enough reality that the audience believes.”(Farinella) This excerpt perfectly explains how integral sound is to filmmaking. Without sound design the narrative wouldn 't be able to hook the audience and carry the story forward. This synergy of picture and sounds drove me to examine experts in field of sound editing. The sound designer I decided upon was Wylie Stateman. Wylie Stateman is an experienced talent that has co-founded many post-production companies and designed for many award-winning films. As a supervising sound editor , he is well known for working with Oliver Stone, John Hughes and Quentin Tarantino, prominent directors in the film industry. I will focus on his editing approach and his extensive work with Quentin Tarantino. Which consist of various acclaimed films such as the Kill Bill trilogy, Inglorious Basterds, and Django Unchained. Currently, Wylie Stateman’s career has spanned four decades. His initial brush with sound design though came about when he was given the chance to work in the rental department of J&R Film Company. Before that life changing event, he lived in Long Island, New York in a small working class community. After graduating high school, Stateman left the East-Coast for an adventure on

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