Analysis Of The Story ' Araby '

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In the short story Araby, we are shown a young boy’s first encounter with love and what he will do for this girl. To help represent the protagonist’s emotions and the way he views the world around him, Joyce uses color. The use and absence of color in the story helps the reader identify what the boy finds important in his life. This is done by using dark and sombre as adjectives and also not using color. Except, when Mangan’s sister (protagonist’s crush) is being described in the story. This when Joyce decides to use abundance of color to help create a contrast between the girl and the rest of the world.
The author throughout the story persists on painting the setting of the story to be dark or even unseeing, dirty and miserable. Joyce
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This is a sharp contrast to when we meet his crush.
The first time we meet the protagonist’s crush (Mangan’s sister) the boys are playing outside and she calls Magnan in for supper. The way the protagonist describes her with be in sharp contrast with the rest of his world. “her figure defined by the light from the half-opened door… Her dress swung as she moved her body and the soft rope of her hair tossed from side to side.” (1224) From the very first time we get a description of her. There is light shining upon, thus showing us the she stands out in the protagonist’s world.
The story continues to build on this use of light and color when describing Mangan’s sister. The next time this is seen in the text is when the protagonist is following Mangan’s sister to school. Joyce again uses color as an adjective. “I kept her brown figure always in my eye” (1224) This use of color again sticks out, because the only time color is used is when she is being described in the story. Joyce does this to show the reader how she sticks out in the protagonist’s world. This motif is continued in the story.
The next time the protagonist encounters Mangan’s sister, is the first time the two characters have an actual conversation. In the conversation they discuss if there going the Araby and tell
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