Analysis Of The Story ' August Of Dimes '

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The story: “March of Dimes” charity was in news in November ’15, because of an alleged fraud committed by one of its employees named Ms. Karima Manji. Karima Manji has been working with MOD since 2005. She has been handling the portfolio of property manager and used to look after MOD’s non-profit residences. She is alleged to have used “various means” to siphon funds from the charity, including forging invoices and expense claims, and funnelling money into a false March of Dimes bank account. She has been charged with fraud over $5,000, theft over $5,000, possession of property obtained by a crime over $5,000 and presenting a forged document. She also served as the executive director of Kingsmere retirement living in Alliston and has been placed on administrative leave after being charged by Toronto police of allegedly defrauding MOD of $0.8 Mn. Officials at MOD has confirmed of ongoing investigation into the incident and those of Kingsmere retirement living have stated that “Manji’s employment is not linked to her involvement with MOD’s”. Controversy: This article brings out the issue of misuse of organization’s resources for personal gains and subsequent erosion of brand image. This may have unprecedented consequences for MOD as its donations and work done may be affected. It can be ascertained that, this may turn valuable donor’s away and put organization under various kind of investigations further impacting its brand image. From the facts, it can be known that grants

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