Analysis Of The Story ' Cathedral '

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“Cathedral” is all about inner vision. It throws light into the fact that inner vision is more vital than physical vision. It covers various areas of life: intimacy of relations, importance of communication, need for love and care in relations, trust etc. The story is about a husband, wife and a blind man who is the narrators wife’s friend named Robert.

Robert is a blind man, but he has got good insight than the narrator who hardly understands the feelings of people. When the narrator comes to know from his wife that Robert is going to visit them he is not happy. He thinks what he has to do with a blind man at home. This shows his egoistic nature. He has not mingled with blind before and he thinks he is superior. He behaves to Robert keeping this superiority complex in him. He has lot of misconcepts about the blind. He thinks the blind cannot make the women happy. Roberts wife Beula recently died and the narrator thinks she did not live a happy life with Robert. Narrator thinks Roberts wife might have suffered much living with him, but at the same time he does not see what his life suffers living with him. He lacks the ability to understand his wife and at the same time he thinks bad of other people.

The narrator and his wife is not having a good relation and he does not like the way his wife n Roberts behaves and understands each other. Robert understands her more than her husband. In every relation it is not all about how long they were with each other, but how…
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