Analysis Of The Story ' Everyday Use '

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In “Everyday Use” there is a dilemma, taking place between a mother and her two daughters. As the story progresses we tend to see how the mother acknowledges the extreme differences between her daughter’s character traits and overall personalities. Even with understanding that one daughter is completely different from the other, mama, strategically is able to display love and compassion for both. However, by the end of the story, mama makes a drastic decision to favor one, due to the overly aggressive demands and disrespects from one daughter to another, regarding the most valuable items in mama’s home. As a result, mama stood firm in her decision, realizing that Dee had gone through a mindset change ever since she left the house and rudely imposing her new believes on the family.
As the expected reunion with her oldest daughter, Dee, took place, but yet surprising event; mama proceeds to kindly welcome her daughter and her new partner for a classic southern meal of collards and pork complimented by corn bread. During dinner, Dee or Wangero as she is referred to in this point of the story, excitedly erupts and starts to describe some of the wood crafting items in the kitchen; to include the dining bench they are sitting on. Detailing how the rump prints felt, and as if it really mattered to her, she mentioned how her “daddy made [benches] for the table when we couldn’t afford chairs.” (Walker 74) As she gazed through the kitchen, she turned to the wooden churn in the
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