Analysis Of The Story ' Kat ' Bishop '

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In this story, Katarina “Kat” Bishop, the main character, is struggling to prove the police wrong. Her father has been accused of stealing five very valuable paintings. This causes a huge problem that takes her a while to solve. When Kat is talking to her father, he declines the fact that he stole the five paintings. The author describes this in the following quote: “Dad—” “Sweetheart, would you believe me if I said I didn’t pull any jobs in Italy last week?” … lowered his voice. “If I said I had an airtight alibi?” “You have an alibi?” Kat asked. “You swear?” Her father’s eyes glowed. “On a Gutenberg Bible.” “You can prove it?” “Well,” he hesitated. “It’s a little more complicated than . . .” But then he trailed off … “Dad,” Kat said…show more content…
She wants to prove to the police and owner of the paintings that her dad did not commit the crime; that they were making a false accusation. Eventually after talking to several people and looking for clues, she found the criminal. The author talks about the crook in this quote: She wondered if he turned and watched the door. Perhaps he heard the Interpol officers as they rushed down the wet street and stood poised outside the apartment windows. Did Arturo Taccone know what was going to happen? Kat would never know. It was enough for her to stand in the damp air and watch the uniformed officials swarm into the place where she had put Taccone’s paintings, and her father had stashed his stolen sculpture. It was very much enough to stand there and watch as Arturo Taccone’s driver sped away, which was just as well. Interpol was more than willing to give his boss a ride. … They stood there for a long time, not talking, until Nick finally said, “He used us . . . or, I guess . . . you. This Romani guy used you for a diversion, didn’t he?” Kat didn’t answer. She didn’t have to. Nick stepped closer. “A con within a con.” He looked at her. “Are you mad?”... Kat stared into the rainy street. She shivered. “I don’t take things that don’t belong to me.” Nick gestured across the street to the pair of officers who were leading Arturo Taccone from the apartment in handcuffs. “You took from him.” She thought of Mr. Stein. “They don’t belong to him either.”... Kat sensed more than
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