Analysis Of The Story ' Old Man And The Sea '

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The Story of Santiago Old Man and the Sea Book Analysis Ernest Hemingway poured his own traits and personal touches to his moving piece of work, and by doing this he created heart-touching original characters that will make you think deeper and darker. The novella entails a story of an Old Man going on a strenuous fishing expedition miles off the coast of Cuba for the course of three days and three nights. Sadly, the battle is lost over the Old Man losing his catch and bringing home only its bones. Over the length of the novella, the Old Man becomes enlightened by the ever-changing world around him and the crippling thoughts that haunt him. Many minor details are disclosed only to leave the readers wondering if all these details has a deeper meaning. Within the novella, Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway uses the diverse characters and events to symbolize the struggles in the life of the reality of growing-up. Cruz Rule 2 The protagonist, Santiago, was a well respected fisherman in his younger years, but soon lost it all by locals noticing he has bypassed eighty-four days without a single solid catch. Santiago was attempting to fish for his big break after being told by locals he gained “...salao...” (9) ,which is the belief of having the worst possible luck. The condition of the Old Man’s vessel doesn’t help make his situation anymore fitting. Hemingway describes his boats as "The sail was patched with flour sacks and…it looked like the flag of permanent defeat" (9).
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