Analysis Of The Story ' Orientation ' By Daniel Orozco

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In the story, Orientation, wrote by Daniel Orozco, he captures the true spirit of the stereotypical workplace, by using the lack of dialogue, humor, and repetition. The story conveys a sense of workplace alienation. This story is all about the tension between people’s essential identity, crucial interconnectedness, and collaboration required of workers. He shows a new employee the ropes. It features a deadpan mix of senseless instructions. Orozco describes the absurd work environment, and he shows the readers to see the wide variety of social absurdities that employees can find in the workplace. Orozco gives a lot information about the work expectations and his co-workers’ private life; he also implies some perspectives about bullying in his workplace. He brings out the typical office affair to reflect human relationships. In this story, Orozco is trying to show the absurdities put on the expectations at work. Emphasis is given to the most pointless details at work. The author in this story states, “ We pace our work according to the eight-hour workday. If you have twelve hours of work in your in-box, for example, you must compress that work into the eight-hour day. If you have one hour of work in your in-box, you must expand that work to fill the eight- hour day” ( Orozco). In this statement, the work is not the focus here; the time clock has become focused, which has pointed out the problem that many companies have. Their workers come to work and some of the days are

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