Analysis Of The Story ' Paulie Calafiore '

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1. Paulie Calafiore - Well, it just seems he is marching his way to victory and no one cares. Paulie has the entire house in the palm of his hands and they will do whatever he states. Paul did his dirty work for him this week by taking Da 'vonne out for him, someone who was loyal to Paul and not coming after him. Props to the game that Paulie is playing, but I feel the double eviction is where he is he most vulnerable.

2. James Huling - James may not be playing the game hard and while he 's currently a minion of Paulie 's, his game is a deep threat game. He is not currently being targeted by anyone and his social game is pretty good. I think the house really respected his move to take out Frank, but James is going to have to be the onet to take down Paulie if he wants to win.

3. Corey Brooks - It seems with each passing week that Corey becomes safer and safer. I have yet to hear anyone target him and he is very likely to survive the block over Nicole. He 's not really good in competitions and that 's another thing that makes him less threatening. But Corey will need to make a move if he wants any chance at the jury respecting him.

4. Paul Abrahamian - Despite his bad move to target Da 'vonne who was not coming after him, he is still in a good position and that has a lot to do with Paulie. Paul and Paulie have a very strong alliance that no one in the game has detected as a strong final two deal. I can 't see Paul being in trouble anytime soon and if he is, one would

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