Analysis Of The Story ' Shiloh ' By Bobbie Ann Mason

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Symbolism in Shiloh In the short story “Shiloh”, written by Bobbie Ann Mason, symbolism is widely used. The story has several different messages behind the symbols used throughout the story. The log cabin, the Civil War battle of Shiloh, the dust ruffle and a flock of birds are all similes used to foreshadow and help readers further understand. Although the symbols have different messages, they all tie together to produce the conclusion of the whole story. First, let’s discuss the biggest simile that sticks out the most throughout the story, the log cabin. Mason writes about a log cabin that Leroy soon becomes obsessed and fixated with making for Norma Jean. The log cabin represents Leroy and Norma Jean’s marriage. For Leroy, the log cabin symbolizes the importance of a strong marriage, built on a solid foundation from the ground up by the man of the relationship. Although many times throughout the story, Norma Jean clearly tells him she isn’t interested in living in a cabin and hates the idea of it. It seems as if anytime Leroy is at a loss for words, he falls back to the log cabin conversation. Him clinging on and refusing to give up the idea of building the cabin for Norma Jean represents how he also won’t give up on his wife or marriage. The log cabin is connected to the next symbol of the story, Shiloh, the Civil War Battle site. Mabel, Norma Jean’s mother, is constantly trying to talk her daughter and son-in-law to go visit the town from basically the second

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